Communication starts with listening. Listening to your employees, customers, target groups and your gut feeling. Only after listening you will be able to connect. But how do you make the connection? In a conversation, story, through influencers, film, campaigns? DNA company guides you in this process and helps you to find the best way to reach the heart of the ones that you want to touch.


Setting targets and reaching goals, professionally and personally will only work if you give energy to the things that give energy. To be able to do that, you need to break through patterns that are holding you back from doing what really makes you successful and happy. Coaching and training helps you to see those patterns, to understand and transform. With 'living your unique DNA' as a result.


To reach the full potential for your team, organisation or brand, you need a holistic view. Look at the numbers, talk with the stakeholders, listen, invest in things that are fruitful and adjust the planning to the natural energy flow. Everything to create synergy and the energy to be as successful as you can be. And we are not only talking about your profit, but also about the way your business improves lives.


Alice Kroeze is the owner and founder of DNA company. Alice guides professionals, brands and movements. The goal? moving and transforming the world in ourselves and around us, in a way that we connect with effortless success and fulfilment as a result.

The most important keys are 'giving energy to the things that give energy' and communication from the heart. Living and sharing your unique DNA.

With an inspiring goal energy is generated and used for a healthier, happier and more successful, life, business and society. With a valuable legacy for future generations.

Alice worked as a coach, communications expert and consultant for the Healthfunds in the Netherlands, Stivoro, BVO Vitesse, NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee), Olympisch Vuur 2028, Insight, Walibi, Six Flags, Judobond Nederland, Joop van den Ende/Stage Entertainment, Yacht and the NS (Dutch Railway Company).

Alice is a proud mother of two sons and she loves skiing, photography, healthy treats, writing, traveling and exploring the inner and outer worlds.